Start earning passive income with your PC by mining with BitHome.

Earning money while away from your personal computer only takes a few clicks.

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Effortless profitability.

BitHome was designed as a hassle-free way for gamers to take advantage of their PCs potential to mine cryptocurrencies. Don't stress about pulling out your wallet each time a new battle pass is released. Let your computer earn that spending cash for you.

What could you be earning by using your PC to mine with BitHome?

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1 Battle Pass subscription
1 streaming service subscription
0 tacos

Mining simplified.

Let BitHome do the hard work for you! Our mining platform picks the most profitable coins and algorithms for your PC, mining the best cryptos for your system and earning you a stable USDC value.


Why BitHome?

Have your own personal computer? Love gaming? Built your own PC? Bought a prebuilt PC? Like passive income?

Mining should be fun, simple, and profitable. BitHome makes mining as easy as playing your favorite game or running your favorite program.

Eliminate the mess

Eliminate the mess

Coins, wallets, keys, decimals, forks and more. Mining multiple coins can be complicated and inefficient. BitHome eliminates the mess and allows you to earn passive income as easily as pressing play.

Optimize for the most profit

Optimize for the most profit

Mining is constantly changing and BitHome is always on the lookout for profitable coins for you to mine. The BitHome Miner will scan your system and select the most profitable cryptos. You’ll automatically accrue a USD equivalent value, which can then be sent to your favorite wallet or exchange.

Set a schedule

Set a schedule

BitHome allows you to set a schedule for your mining. Run your system 24/7 or schedule it around your gaming or work. Put the BitHome platform to work for you while you’re away. Easily start and stop your miner with a click of a button.

Game detection

Game detection

Don’t want your mining to interfere with your gaming quality? Turn game detection on to automatically stop mining when you start up your favorite game!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

First create your account at Then follow the steps to download the BitHome Miner on your PC. Once downloaded on your PC, click “Sart Mining”. You will then be able to track your PC’s earnings on your dashboard.

Can I add multiple PCs?

Yes! Simply download the BitHome miner to the PCs you want to run on your account and start mining. Your PC’s can then be monitored and controlled from your dashboard.

Will I be able to earn passive income with my PC?

BitHome works to support a wide range of hardware. Most GPU based mining requires a graphics card that has 3 GB (memory) or greater. If you are unsure of your PC’s graphics card  you can locate it on your pc by searching  “Device Manger” and select “Display Adapter” from the dropdown. This will then show the details of your GPU. If you do not have a GPU greater than 3 GB your system may not be compatible.

Can I use BitHome with a mining rig?

Currently the BitHome miner operates on Windows based systems. Most mining rigs are compatible with Windows. You can simply download the BitHome mining software on your mining rig and start the mining. You can then monitor your mining through the web application.

When can I withdraw my earnings?

You can make withdraws from your account at anytime. The min withdraw is 25 USDC

How can I withdraw my earnings?

As your PC is earning, you will be credited with USDC. This is a popular stable digital currency that can be easily moved to your favorite exchange or wallet and converted to USD or another digital asset.

Does my earnings estimate include my power costs?

BitHome provides a total revenue estimate for you. This does not include your power costs. If you are unfamiliar with your power costs and wish to determine your profitability, we recommend analyzing your previous power bills or reaching out to your power provider. BitHome will aim to provide additional tools and resources for calculating profitability in the future.

I see I am also earning Home Token. Why?

BitHome is creating a simple and elegant way to reward individuals with PCs and mining rigs. BitHome wants to reward users beyond the earnings they can make through mining with their PC’s. That is why each user is also rewarded with their % of the HOME token in relation to the work they are doing.

BitHome <span class="highlight">Coin</span>

BitHome Coin

BitHome is more than mining. The BitHome coin (HOME) is used to reward and incentivize users who participate in the BitHome ecosystem. HOME is designed to provide additional incentive to miners by rewarding miners and stakers.

Maximum Supply210 million

BitHome Coin has a maximum total supply of 210 Million (10 x the supply of Bitcoin).

Minted at rate of7 percent

HOME is minted at a rate of 7% of the remaining supply per year. HOME is accounted for in 10 min intervals and credited to the Miners and Stakers on the platform.

Miner Rewards50 percent

Miners on the platform earn the greatest rewards! 50% of HOME released is paid to the miners on the platform.

Incentives7 percent

Are allocated for development and community incentives.

BitHome Team3 Percent

Are distributed to the Team.

Staking40 Percent

Are distributed to the Stakers on the platform willing to lock up their HOME.